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Announcing In Our Hands: A Handbook for Intergenerational Actions to Solve the Climate Crisis

Drawing on decades of experience as a diplomat, professor, futurist, and international business consultant, Wilford Welch is committed to engaging individuals to take the actions necessary to solve the global warming/climate crisis and create a positive future for the generations to come. 

His latest book, In Our Hands: A Handbook for Intergenerational Actions to Solve the Climate Crisis, provides readers with the inspiration and tools they need to get started, in their personal lives, in their communities, and in their professional lives. 

Looking back from the year 2050, Wilford presents two plausible futures, one driven by climate denial and the politics of fear, the other by an inspired vision made manifest by effective individual and collective actions. We are not victims. We have a choice about the future we want for our children and ourselves. The opportunity is literally in our hands. Please join us as we shape a national and global discussion and inspire those who are eager to rise to the occasion and make a difference in our world.

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Addressing the threat of global warming and getting all of humanity to live with one another and the natural world in harmony is very possible. In this book, Wilford shows us the way.”—Desmond Tutu

Wilford Welch with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Desmond Tutu at the Quest for Global Healing conference in Bali that Wilford led in 2007.